Monday, July 11, 2011

Long time No Type!

Salam ladies!

I have been a little bit busy. I have noticed that I have not posted a blog in a while. Things are going ok. Just the pregnancy at the beginning can be rough at times. Anyways, I was invited this past weekend to a Muslim festival event. It was SO fun! I loved it! I don't think I have ever said salam walaikum to so many people. I do on a daily basis but at most I may say it to a fellow muslimah like once or twice a day if we happen to cross paths. But woah big mistake in not wearing my tinted moisturizer with SPF cuz I got sunburned. I got a hijab tan line! ha ha! My sister was making jokes about me. I was like shutup girl. We always insult each other lovingly.

There were lots of rides for my kids. They had a blast. Lots of women selling hijabs and abayas. I did buy one hijab. I bought my son some building blocks with the arabic alphabet on it. I also connected with some lovely sisters who invited me to sister circle events. I thought that was great. I have never been to a sisters event before. I also connected with others who I knew already. So all in all it was a great event. Super hot outside though! I didn't vlog about it when I was there out of respect of some people may not want to be on camera. So I decided to create this blog post about it. I hope you are all doing well inshallah.

Take care and Know your worth!


  1. Aww if I would of known you were going, we could of met up. I have a 4 year old son, so the kids would of bonded.

  2. Hope you had a good time! Yeah, I would love it if there was a Muslim event around where I lived. :(

    Inshallah there will be more frequent posts from you. <3

  3. Thank you ladies for your comments and support. Yes, I hope to post more blogs. Just you know the beginning of the pregnancy is always rough on me. Especially with the humidity, I kinda get a bit sick. Please make duaa for me. I would appreciate it.

  4. Salam, I was wondering, how long did it take for your hijab tan line to disappear?

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