Thursday, April 28, 2011

Crochet Flowers

Salam Everyone!

Okay so if you follow my YT channel, you will know that I have talked about a particular project my mom and I have started. Well below I have different pictures of crochet flower pins that we have made. They are handmade from a high quality yarn and will look great as an added accessory to your hijab. If you are interested please leave me a comment or email me    All payments will be made through my paypal account. If you see something that you like but would prefer a different color please let me know. I look forward to your inquires. I am shopping around for a higher quality camera but for now this is what I am working with.

 Orange Flower with Faux Pearls 100% cotton yarn
$15.00 USD

Blue Green Crochet Flower
$9.00 USD

White Crochet Flower with Blue Faux Pearls used 100% cotton fine yarn
$15.00 USD

Dark Green Crochet Flower with small leaves and flower detailing. I apologize for the poor quality of this photo.
$15.00 USD

Black Crochet Flower with small rhinestone in the middle
$15.00 USD

Monday, April 25, 2011

Something Old & Something New

Salam walaikum everyone!

Okay so I have to admit coming back to my apartment here in NYC was dreadful. I was not wanting to return to the madness and stress. I am grateful for being able to experience the outdoors with my family. I was able to breathe some fresh air and my kids could run around in the backyard. It would be definitely be a few months before the actual move. To be perfectly honest, I can already see my family moved in. I just have to go through all of the kids belongings and do a spring cleaning. I want to move in with the least amount of things as possible. The Mister and I have plans on doing some redecorating and purchasing new furniture inshallah. He is an interior designer so I leave mostly all of it to him. I do add my touch here and there. With the construction completed on our home the only thing left is paint and flooring. I am excited. Once we have it all completed I will take some pics and post it. Saying goodbye to my apartment will be the easy part. I have invested 10 years of my life in a place that has seen me grow and mature. I am now ready to move forward towards a home! In fact, my children deserve a better living environment.

I do have a few ideas on bedroom sets and see many future trips to IKEA. Well I will get back to making videos as soon as I get a moment. My daughter's birthday is this weekend and I have been pretty busy preparing for a family dinner/party. I hope you are all doing well inshallah.

Until next click....


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Been Away...

Salam everyone!

So sorry I have not posted in like what seems is forever. I have been so so busy relaxing. I am on a mini getaway vacation and have found some peace and tranquility. I am visiting my mom and helping her around a bit. I love to get away from the chaotic city life and retreat into the suburbia. I really love this. My kids and I love to walk around and enjoy nature. When you live in the city, you don't get to really enjoy all of the greenery/plant life. I love this!!! Who knows. I may just move out here. Let's see. Insha allah. I hope you are well and in the best of iman. Take good care of yourselves and always be grateful for everything and everyone!

Salam walaikum

Monday, April 18, 2011

Moving on Up...

Salam Everyone!

Okay so here we go. What happens when the city girl moves out into the country side? DO I take the city with me or just adapt to the country? Well okay so I am visiting my mother's house in Connecticut and well my future house is just above to my mom's house (3 family home). Basically, working on flooring and painting but it looks so so beautiful. I am staying out here for the week to get a general feel for the area. I already started looking online for local mosques and islamic centers. I can't wait to live here. I thought after coming a few times before that living here was going to be hard. But spending quality time here has proven to me that this place could be home. Once we add more design and furniture, we can add our touch of love to the place and it will be amazing. I can already see it coming together. I will still travel to visit my other relatives in New York/New Jersey area of course.

I don't really think the city can ever come out of this hijabi but I know that I can always bring the best anywhere I place my feet. If you are living in the CT area please let me know of any good halal food places!! Send me a message! I would greatly appreciate it. Take care!!!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Transition Into Hijab

Salam Ladies!

I decided to make this video because a sister reached out to me through private message asking about my transition into hijab. I thought this would be a good topic to talk about as I can remember it being something I was thinking about doing and wanting for a while. I just had alot of blocks of fear in my path. So here in this video I talk about it based on my own personal experience. I hope this is helpful to you if you are thinking of hijab.

Salam walaikum

Friday, April 8, 2011

Needs a Title!

Just finished recording this hijab tutorial but I am stuck. I don't know what to call this hijab style. Your input is much needed! Thank you for even listening or reading this!!! I appreciate all of your comments and feedback.

Photo Session Numero Tres

Assalam walaikum beautiful sisters!

Here is my mini photo session of my tutorial looks. I hope you likey and visit my YT channel for more upcoming looks. I have gone a little hijab shopping crazy lately! ha ha! I want to buy more and more. Like my eyes just seem to get bigger and bigger. Until next click....salam

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Tutorial Times

Finally!! Okay, so I finally got the time. After many requests, I have put up some hijab tutorials. Now, since I am fairly new, I am not an expert. However, I have found these styles to be very simple and creative. I will do more inshallah. I hope you enjoy!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Photo Session Numero Dos

This is one of the hijabs that I had featured in my recent haul video. I got this as a gift from my hubby. It is straight from Egypt. Yay! I love the quality and its a very light hijab good for warm weather. In my video I actually said that Su would probably wear this because she looks very good in this color hijab also.

I will have tutorials coming soon just waiting on some more undercaps and hijabs to feature.